Territory and tradition with every sip

The name is a tribute to the ancient origins of Passo d’Orta, the place where the company stands, which used to be a place of passage for men and stories alike.

Sixty Neapolitan steps, equal to about 111 meters, is the measure of the width of the “Tratturi Regi” (Royal Paths), the ancient communication routes of the South used during seasonal migrations. An important junction already in pre-Roman times, on the route of the Via Traiana, Passo d’Orta became the seat of one of the residences of Frederick II of Swabia, dedicated to feasting and idleness and which subsequently became a place to dwell while waiting for customs at the Pass.

Born in 2014, 60PASSI line coincides with the relaunch of bottled wine and retraces ancient traditions of telling a story projected to the future.