the classics


sparkling wine


The alternative to classic prosecco.
Organic wine
Extra dry sparkling wine
100% Chardonnay
11% Vol.
4 – 6 ° C


The grapes are pressed and the must obtained is left to settle. Selected organic yeasts are added for alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature of about 14°C. After the preparation of the base wine, a second fermentation is induced in a long autoclave until an internal pressure of about 4.5 atm is obtained. At the end, the wine is filtered and bottled.​

Tasting notes

Fresh, delicate, and creamy flavor. A floral scent reminiscent of lime with clear hints of pear, “Golden Delicious” apple, hay, and citrus.

Food pairings

Ideal as an aperitif, excellent with Mediterranean fish-based dishes, good for any meal.