Our land

“If the Lord had known this plain, the apple of my eyes, he would have stopped and lived here.”

Frederick II of Swabia

Passo d’Orta district crossed the tratturo path coming from San Severo, passing through Lucera, Foggia, Ponte Carapelle, Cerignola up to Canosa.

An important junction already in pre-Roman times, on the route of the Via Traiana, Passo d’Orta became the seat of one of the residences of Frederick II of Swabia, dedicated to feasting and idleness and which subsequently became a place to dwell while waiting for customs at the Pass.

Passo d’Orta gave its name to the whole surrounding area, to the district of Orta, and to today’s Orta Nova.

“Orta takes its name from a ruined castle, so called, whose ruins can still be seen in a rise near the Taverna del Passo d’Orta.”

Tavoliere delle Puglie

Ladogana farm is located in the heart of the Tavoliere delle Puglie, the second largest plain in Italy measuring 4.000 km2 in width. A geographical area that embraces all of northern Apulia and overlooks the Adriatic Sea through Gargano peninsula, a windy and wild land that hides incredible natural beauty and is a popular destination among international tourists.