Acini di Bio


Organic by nature

For years, Ladogana has embraced the organic philosophy: indeed, organic wine is a product that derives from a cultivation method that excludes the use of pesticides or synthetic chemical fertilizers. Furthermore, during the cellar processing, no chemical additives are used and the sulphite content is much lower – in some cases absent – compared to conventional wines.

Organic, a choice of love

Choosing the organic philosophy is love for the land and passion for wine, as strict regulations and continuous controls make organic production very tiring. Those who follow it are convinced of their actions, love nature and live respecting it.

To confirm this commitment, Ladogana boasts having the Organic and Vegan certifications, both aimed at providing further certainty regarding the quality of the products and testifying the company’s dedication to a more sustainable future that respects both the environment and animals.

Here are some of the basic requirements to be able to exhibit the Organic and Vegan branding: