01 08 OUR HISTORY STARTED LONG AGO 1900 At the beginning of the 1900s, our great-grandfather Saverio opened the first winery and started marketing the sour and strong Apulian wine abroad, through long and tiring train journeys. Upon returning from each trip, his wife Felicia, an austere and indefatigable woman, and their five lively and ingenious children awaited him at home. 2021 1956 02 08 INAUGURATION OF THE NEW WINERY IN ORTA NOVA 1956 In 1956 our grandfather Franco took charge of continuing his father's business. Franco, an original and nonconformist spirit, increased the sales volumes of the wine by supplying all the "cellars" in the area. He also inaugurated the new cellar near Orta Nova, the magical place to which we would be linked for life. 1900 1971 03 08 SAVERIO, FRANCO'S FIRSTBORN SON 1971 In 1971, Saverio, Franco's eldest son and a man of deep culture, joined the company. Saverio started working with various universities and with the Academy of Vine and Wine as well as with centers of study and excellence in the wine sector. 1956 1982 04 08 THE FIRST BOTTLE 1982 Saverio invested in bottling and in 1982 gave birth to the first bottle. 1971 1996 05 08 26 years of organic 1996 Fascinated by the philosophy behind organic farming, he
converted all the family's vineyards to this practice in 1996.
1982 2011
06 08 AUTHENTICITY AND PERSEVERANCE 2011 In 2011 we decided to carry on our story by following the path traced by our family, with the authenticity and perseverance that have always distinguished us. 1982 2014 07 08 BUILDING THE NEW CELLAR 2014 In 2014 we inaugurated the new winery by celebrating the first harvest in the Passo d’Orta area and completing the "physical" transfer of the previous plant which was located in the center of Orta Nova. 2011 2021 08 08 LOOKING TO THE FUTURE 2021 We want to honor tradition while looking to the future: our wine is the story that we want to share with you. 2014 1900

From one generation to the next

Love for the land, dedication to grapes, passion for wine: these are the values ​​we believe in, which inspire our work and feed our dreams.

Stories of tenacity and determination have led the Ladogana family to establish itself as one of the most appreciated companies in the organic wine market.

Four generations at the service of the Apulian winemaking tradition. A strong bond that has been handed down over time and has its roots in the land of Orta Nova.