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Rosé Wines

Negroamaro rosé

Organic wine
I.G.T. Puglia
Negroamaro 100%
13% Vol.


Manual harvesting, carried out in the early hours of dawn around the first ten days of September, when the cooler and less humid mornings help to preserve the freshness and aromaticity of the grapes production: the grapes are picked with careful selection of the bunches. Produced by white vinification of red grapes in contact with the skins for about 8 – 10 hours until the desired color is obtained. Fermentation at a controlled temperature with the must already clarified, so we can preserve at best the scents and the natural acidity of Negroamaro. Refinement: in steel tanks until bottling.

Tasting notes

Cherry pink color. Aroma of raspberry and strawberry with some nuances of black pepper and Mediterranean herbs. Good acid shoulder, proves to have an excellent persistence and a pleasant closure.